What Do Dive Professionals Do?

Dive professionals have a variety of opportunities available around the world. While working in diving is a full-time job for some, others find it to be a great opportunity to earn money in their free time while doing what the love: diving. Some of the jobs available to Divemasters and Instructors include teaching SCUBA diving, leading dive tours, crewing aboard a dive boat, and working in a dive center.

The most common occupation involves teaching diving to new and experienced divers. Depending on the dive operation you work with and your training, you may spend time doing everything from introducing others to the wonders of the ocean to teaching specialized diving practices such as wreck diving.

In many vacation-locations around the world, dive professionals run Discover SCUBA Diving programs during which divers get a chance to try diving under the careful supervision of dive professionals.

Aboard both live-aboard and day-trip charters, dive professionals work monitoring divers, helping lead groups in the water, and briefing divers on dive sites. Dive professionals interested in working aboard dive boats should work on achieving their captains’ license from the Coast Guard.

Most full-time dive professionals work in dive centers in multiple capacities, such as sales consultants, repair technicians, guides, and instructors. If you are interested in working in a retail dive center, educate yourself on the products available in the dive industry and learn how to guide divers to great gear that works for their needs!